Beauty of the Weeds

I recently had a conversation with someone who thought I needed to pull a certain weed from my flower bed.  The reasoning was it will climb up the side of the house.  I thought back to movies with cottages in the mountains that had beautiful plants climbing up the house and I thought of the beautiful rustic stone walls covered in green.  Why isn’t that frowned upon? What makes them better than the baby plant in my flowerbed?  Is it because someone paid top dollar for the plant to purposely climb up the house?  Is it because it has a fancy name? I do agree, either way that its beautiful, but its not natural beauty.  I believe that what I have in my flowerbed is natural beauty.  The plant appeared on its own.  I didn’t pay top dollar to have a plant climb my house, I didn’t google “climbing plants” to have this plant in that specific spot.  It appeared naturally.  How? I can’t answer that, but I let it stay because in my eyes, it was beauty, not waste. Some even bloom.  So if it blooms a beautiful flower, how is it still not beauty to someone? What makes a weed and flower different?  When did weeds become a bad thing? Why can’t a weed be accepted?


Snow already?

Where we live, you don’t see snow normally until late January or mid February and when it does snow, it doesn’t stay. We are now on day two of snow and sleet! Now I have two children and the topic now is, “Mom, I want snow cream!” I have always been told by my grandparents to never eat the first snow. I do admit I had a snow eating problem as a child! I’d hold my hand out the side of a sled and stuff my face! Man, to be a child again! Hopefully we get another snow because I’ve lived this long not eating the first snow, so they can too. Perfect snow day though! Netflix, homemade biscuits, sugar glazed ham, hot cocoa, and cinnamon rolls👌🏼❄️☃️

Kindergartner responsible to rack up a negative lunch account?

So today my kindergartner comes home and has a note in her planner.  She has racked up a negative lunch account.  Keep in mind I pack her a lunch everyday that is sooo full that I struggle with the zipper. I am not against buying school lunch at all, but I like packing my kids food because I know how nasty school lunch can be some days and I also like to know what she is eating. I signed a note for her school stating that she was not to buy lunch UNLESS money was sent with her.  So today I ask myself why the heck did I have to fill out that paper if after week 2 of school she has a negative account.  I sent money one day because she wanted milk, no biggie. I am not mad about the amount she has racked up, I am kind of upset that they expect a 5 year old to be responsible for buying lunch when the account has never had a dime on it.  I plan to call the school and say something because anything I have written in the planner I just get a sticker for.  Damn I wrote a sentence and I must have done pretty good to get a sticker.  The planner was to communicate from what I understood, but that has also been iffy. I also do agree that yes, my child should listen, but if you put ice cream and chocolate milk in front of your 5 year old and they can just type in their lunch number and “BAM” they have a treat, do you think they would just say no? Just amazes me on how much school has changed since I graduated.  Even in high school we weren’t allowed to have our account in the negative and heck we were older, so we understood.  What do you think about a 5 year old having the responsibility of understanding money and knowing what negative balance means?

Of coarse I will be explaining “negative balance” to my child, but I am sure she will not completely understand, so I expect to get another letter probably in 2 weeks.

This is one of those times where being a parent with a child in kindergarten is tough.  I already had a hard enough time when she left, but now she is doing things that I don’t know of until she is in trouble or we get a letter home?  Goodness she is growing up and I do not like it at all! I’ll have silver hair by the time she reaches middle school, I am positive of that!

This is me.

So, I am a stay at home mom.  I am extremely grateful for being able to always be here for my children, but it can be hard.  Yes, I stay at home all day, but how many people sit at home on a beautiful day on their day off? Well, imagine doing that, imagine waking up everyday and knowing that no matter what you will most likely never leave that house. Please don’t get me wrong about the above statement, I LOVE MY KIDS!! Sometimes it is nice to get that 20 minutes of alone time while you drive to your job though right? Blast the music or sit and just collect yourself? If I leave the house, the kids follow almost 98% of the time.  I have been seen alone at the gas station before and was asked, “Are you alone? That’s so rare to not see a kid around you!”  My alone time is really the last few minutes before I go to bed and at that time, I just want to go to bed, nothing else. I am starting this blog to reach out and discuss things with other stay at home moms who might understand what I mean.  Yes, I know I don’t know you personally, but damn it is nice to have an adult conversation at time that won’t get repeated! (My kids can’t read yet, so that day will come to where this gets talked about too by them.) Hopefully no one takes this as “oh this mom hates being a mom” because being a mom is the BEST thing I have ever done in my life! They are my pride and joy and my life revolves around them to the point I forget to paint my right had when I do my nails on more than one occasion. Anyways, I will try to post daily and hopefully get some brave stay at home moms or just anyone honestly to respond sometimes!